Get The Edge

For Missing Devices

We protect against new or used devices gone missing–the competition doesn't!

Get The Edge

For New Products

We let you purchase a NEW product warranty after you bought your products!

Get The Edge

For Used Products

We are the only provider that will protect your used products up to 5 years after original purchase date!

For Product Protection, What Gives WarrantyEdge™ The Edge?

Unlike other warranty providers, WarrantyEdge™ also provides wireless coverage against missing devices. After all, nothing will put your life out of commission faster than misplacing your iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet. We also warranty older products that others won't. Like that super-expensive refrigerator or restaurant style range you've owned for up to five years.

And we even offer new product warranties on products. Best of all, we're backed by Starr Insurance Companies, an A.M. Best "A" rated insurer, with over $10 billion in assets, so you never have to worry about getting paid for your claim. Plus, we are part of the Global Warranty Group, a leader in administering product warranties and extended service contracts to millions of consumers since 2001.